How Long Does the Invisalign Treatment Take To Produce Results?

If you have gapped teeth or crooked teeth, then Invisalign in Los Gatos is the answer. Invisalign are clear aligners which can help you with straighter teeth without gaps. Teens and adults are embracing Invisalign. In our previous blog, we have explained how Invisalign treatment in Los Gatos fixes open bits? However, Invisalign promises to align your teeth without any brackets or metal aligners. But, how long does Invisalign take to fix your misaligned teeth? Read along to know the treatment time of Invisalign.

Treatment Time of Invisalign in Los Gatos:

The time period for Invisalign to take effect varies between 6 months to 2 years. Every tooth problem is different and Invisalign results might differ from one person to another. It depends on what sort of Invisalign result you are looking for. The time of Invisalign treatment is directly proportional to the complexity of your teeth issue. If you wear Invisalign for around 22 hours a day, your treatment time will match the time calculated by dentists Los Gatos.

4 Issues Treatment Time of Invisalign in Los Gatos Depends On:

Now, this Invisalign wear time is impacted by certain factors which differ from one person to another, just like a fingerprint. They are as follows:

  1. Age:

    For teens, Invisalign in Los Gatos will tend to work faster than adults because for a teen tooth will still be growing and thus will tend to move faster. Irrespective of age, teeth might move faster which can happen for adults as well.

  2. Teeth Gap:

    Diastemata, which is gaps between teeth, can be due to reasons like smaller teeth in comparison to jawbone or overgrowth of a tissue. Minor gaps will take less time than major gaps to heal. For moderate to major gaps, you can take time between 18 and 24 months depending on how fast your teeth adjust.

  3. Compliance:

    If you do not follow the instructions of your family dentist in Los Gatos thoroughly, Invisalign can take a lot more time than usual. Compliance with the dentist's suggestions is highly important, else the treatment plan might get extended.

  4. Crowding:

    Similar to teeth gaps, severe to moderate crowding can take around 18 months for you to wear Invisalign. This also depends on how fast your teeth adjust to Invisalign.

    Minor crowding cases can take just a few months, around 6 months. The more crowding you have, the more time it will take for Invisalign since your teeth have to move greater distance. Just moderate crowding might take around a year for Invisalign to work.


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