How Does Invisalign in Los Gatos Fix Open Bite?

An open bite is referred to as a type of malocclusion. It is a dental term that is used to indicate teeth that are not aligned properly. When a person's upper teeth and lower front teeth do not touch each other when the mouth is shut, then it is said the person is suffering from an open bite problem. In our previous blog, we have explained How Invisalign in Los Gatos works and aligns teeth? However, this gap can also be a little embarrassing when you smile. An open bite problem can be fixed with a dental solution called Invisalign.

Open Bite: Causes

An inherited bone or a dental issue can cause an open bite. This can develop due to bad oral habits in childhood or adulthood for example tongue thrust, thumb sucking, and poor tongue posture.

Should This Be Treated?

Although an open bite does not cause discomfort immediately, it is important to get it treated as quickly as possible as it can contribute to emotional and physical problems. If you feel you are suffering from an open bite then call Esthetic and Family Dentistry.

Consult A Specialist:

Talk to Kamyar Negari, DDS, an experienced orthodontist, for clarity and treatment. This will help you avoid other possible complications, such as poor sleep quality, inability to bite or chew food properly. Good orthodontists do recommend a dental treatment called Invisalign in Los Gatos.

Does Invisalign in Los Gatos Fix The Issue?

Yes, Invisalign in Los Gatos does correct an open bite. An open bite is difficult to correct. But when you visit the best orthodontist to cure an open bite problem, your teeth will be carefully examined. A 3D impression of your teeth will be taken before and after the treatment for a better outcome.

How Do Invisaligns Correct Open Bite?

First, let's understand how Invisalign straightens your teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are not like traditional metal braces that consist of wires to bond to metal structures. But, each clear patch is made from a specially designed plastic material that will gradually move the teeth and jaw to the correct position.

The Rectification Process:

An orthodontist who provides Invisalign in Los Gatos will do a 3D scan, and will custom make the Invisalign to fit your teeth. No two Invisalign are alike. The first aligner will be worn for nearly two weeks. Then a new aligner slightly different in shape from the previous set is used. This process will shift the teeth to the right position in time. Orthodontists provide at least seventy three aligners to get the open bite rectified.


Open bites can be corrected by Invisalign in Los Gatos. If you live in or around Los Gatos, CA, consider Esthetic and Family Dentistry where Dr. Kamyar Negari practices. Browse through our website of Esthetic and Family Dentistry to gather more details about their open bite correction service. For more call us at 408-377-8302 to have a conversation right away.

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