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Healthy living is happy living. A healthy person is more confident and approachable when compared to someone with poor health. Since oral health is a crucial part of a person's overall health, dental hygiene and dental care become crucial. Tooth decay and gum infection are just a few examples of dental problems that can lead to tooth loss.

When there is tooth loss, more serious health problems can arise. Replacing a lost tooth with tooth restoration becomes essential from the perspective of oral and overall health. Dental implants are wonderful in restoring missing teeth in patients.

At our dental office, we have been restoring dental implants for many years. Dr. Negari is highly skilled in restoring implants. The painless treatment and the comprehensive care offered by our dental team have helped our dental office build long lasting relationship with our patients.

Implant Dentistry – The Cure and Its Benefits

Dental implants are arguably the best solution for lost teeth. The implant is surgically placed in the jaw bone of the patient. It comes in the place of the lost tooth root. Dr. Negari will team you up with a specialist for this placement. Different types of drills are used during the process. After the placement, the implant is left to heal for a period of about 3-6 months. During this period, osseointegration takes place where the implant bonds with the bone tissue to become an integral part of the supporting bone. This process improves the functionality of the artificial tooth restoration. The benefits of dental implants over other options are listed below.

  • An implanted tooth has higher chewing efficiency than any other restoration.
  • The restoration is more stable than any other tooth replacement option.
  • The jaw bone height is maintained because of the dental implant.
  • The implanted tooth can last for a longer period of time when compared to other restorations.

Implant Dentistry Los Gatos – Surgery and Recovery

The surgical placement of a dental implant in the jaw bone requires two to three dental visits. Initially, Dr. Negari will refer the patient to an oral surgeon or periodontist to find out if the patient has enough jaw bone to hold the implant. The patient's oral health is thoroughly checked to ensure that there is no gum infection. Once the specialist confirms that the surgery can be performed, a treatment plan is set after discussing it with the patient. The position of the implant placement and the position of the crown are perfectly planned during the process. For instance, in some cases where there is misalignment, an offset may be necessary in the placement of the crown.

During the first visit, the specialist administers local anesthesia and sedation if necessary. A small incision is made in the gums and drills are used to create a recess in the jaw bone. The implant is carefully torqued in the jaw bone. The gums are sutured back and left to heal for a period of a few months.

The specialist checks the extent of healing during periodic visits. Dr. Negari takes impressions to get the crown fabricated in the lab. The abutment is fixed over the implant and the crown is either cemented or screwed over it. After the surgery is complete, Dr. Negari spends time explaining to patients how to take care of the implanted tooth. There are special oral hygiene tools which may help with the cleaning process. Visit our dental office and speak to our team to learn more about the dental implant restoration process.


A dental implant is also known as implant dentistry treatment. It replaces a missing tooth by surgically placing the implant into the jawbone to fix permanently without affecting nearby teeth. Once, the implant tooth is healed completely then a crown or abutment is placed on top of the titanium implant.

Dental Implants are very safe and effective for replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are made up of a material called titanium to perfectly fuse into the jawbone without causing any damage to nearby teeth. The restoration process may take a lot of time but soon implant teeth functions like natural stronger teeth.

Dental Implants surgeries are safe to be implemented on any side of teeth under the guidance of implant dentist. Implant dentistry is also one of the treatments of cosmetic dentistry​.

There are number of benefits with dental implants, such as

  • Replacing missing tooth permanently
  • Improves the appearance of teeth
  • Healthy and Natural looking teeth
  • No damage to nearby teeth
  • Able to chew and eat food comfortably
  • Functions like natural teeth because it is completely fused with the jawbone
  • Protects your healthy bone
  • Preserves and stimulates the bone properly
  • Implant teeth do not cause tooth decay

The recovery time of dental implants varies from 3-6 months depends on the individuals. If the jawbone able to heal soon then the time taken for dental implants is very less, suppose the bone is very weak for dental implant teeth then it undergoes varies procedures to work perfectly.

Dental Implants procedure includes 4 phases of Treatment

Phase 1: Preparation of dental Implant Treatment
First, the dentist will analyze your reports and prepare a treatment plan for placing dental implants.

Phase 2: Artificial Tooth Replacement -
The dentist will place an artificial implant into your jawbone without damaging nearby teeth.

Phase 3: Bone Grafting (Depends on thickness of bone) -
If jawbone is not suitable for placing dental implant then, the dentist will do bone grafting to fuse properly to the jawbone.

Phase 4: Placement of Crown -
Once the implant is fused completely with the jawbone, then the dentist will place a crown on the implant which looks like natural teeth.

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Dental Implants use cylindrical titanium implant that is surgically placed in the bone, within few months after regular checkups it becomes very stable and much stronger than natural teeth. You cannot even notice the difference between the strength of natural and artificial teeth.

A person who lost their tooth and has good health condition with perfect jawbone are completely eligible for dental implant treatment. Placing Dental implant has no certain age restrictions and anyone can undergo this treatment until approval and suggestion needed from implant dentist.

To know that you are eligible for dental implant treatment, call (408) 377-8302 Dr. Negari Los Gatos, CA and clear all the queries

A dental implant has a lifespan around 40-45 years. Since it has the capacity to be stable for longer years and requires special hygiene care to be taken without getting any damage to implant teeth.

Multiple teeth implant

Yes, Dental implants can work for both single and multiple teeth. Even, it can also be done for upper jaw or lower jaw. Since there is no age limit, but the patient should be healthy and should fit into the jawbone.

Bone Grafting for missing bone

If the dental implant does not the jaw bone we have a procedure called bone grafting, which helps the implant tooth to support and make it stronger.

To know that your jawbone supports implant tooth or not, call our Implant dentistry Dr. Kamyar Negari DDS at Los Gatos, CA

It is difficult to estimate the cost of implant tooth, it depends on the customized implant, the number of appointments, bone grafting treatment, abutment material etc. After appointments and medical reports, the implant dentistry provides a treatment plan for the missing tooth. It will help you to estimate the cost and change the process if necessary.

Since the implant tooth is the time taken procedure to restore smile and appearance of teeth. Having implant is a lifelong investment, able to eat anything on the menu, speak easily and much more without having any pain. Implant dentistry treatment is well known for lifelong investment and no other treatment can replace the dental implant.

We will help you know the exact cost of single or multiple implant teeth if you also need to know that you are eligible for dental implant procedure within the first appointment.

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