Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Their Advantages

Everybody fantasizes about an impeccable smile but only a few endeavors to pursue it. The most recommended method to achieve it is to consult a cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos.

Apart from performing the appropriate procedures, cosmetic dentists like Dr. Kamyar Negari, DDS who practices at Esthetic and Family Dentistry, will explain the need for these procedures. Dr. Negari is also a family dentist in Los Gatos that provides treatment for entire family.

A patient will always have a multitude of choices when they visit the Esthetic and Family Dentistry. Read on to gather information about various cosmetic dental procedures provided by them below.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures Our Los Gatos Cosmetic Dentist Provides:

1. Dental Implant:
It is a component inserted surgically into the jaw bone to hold-up a dental prosthesis like bridge, crown, or denture or to be an orthodontic anchor. The process is called osseointegration. Our implant dentist in Los Gatos says the health of the patient is crucial in determining the success of dental implants.
2. Enamel bonding:
This is suitable for curing highly stained teeth or chipped ones. The bonding material is composite. The moldability of the material enables the dentist to shape it as per the requirements of the patient. The endurance of enamel bonding is less than dental veneers. This is the reason why it is not hand-picked by many.
3. Invisalign:
Invisalign is an ideal dental solution for kids. Even adults can opt for them, as they gel well with the teeth and are almost invisible, unlike the traditional ones. Going beyond aesthetics, Invisalign in Los Gatos can solve misalignment, prevent pain and headaches.
4. Dental Veneers:
They are paper-thin shells manufactured from porcelain which is affixed on the front side of the teeth. The impression of the enamel enables the creation of made-to-order veneers. Until then, they are substituted by temporary veneers. Those bothered by stubborn stains which resist bleaching, the ones with fractured or chipped front teeth etc can opt for dental veneers.
5. Tooth Bleaching:
It is one of the most favored choices for people who are in search of a simple, quick but effective way to revive their fading smiles. No extraordinary commitment is required to bring brightness to the teeth. Apart from being very budget-friendly, this method can be done at home or office. But getting bleached by a seasoned professional is always recommended rather than hand-picking over-the-counter bleaching products.


If you are in search of a cosmetic dental procedure to revive your lost smile, consider our cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos where Dr. Kamyar Negari practices. For more information call us at 408-377-8302 and schedule an appointment today.

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