5 Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful grin carries power. It has a positive effect and makes someone seem younger and friendlier. Cosmetic dentistry, a branch of dental medicine, works to maintain or enhance the aesthetics of your teeth, gums, and lips without compromising your oral health. Cosmetic dentists consider each physical aspect of teeth and gums before recommending a course of treatment. If you want to improve your smile, visit reputed dentists. They put the needs of the patients first when offering cosmetic dental services.

In our previous blog, we have explained 5 common treatments by a cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos. However, cosmetic dentistry includes straight forward tooth whitening procedures to permanently alter or straighten teeth. If you're considering visiting a cosmetic dentist, learn some exciting information!

5 Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Gatos:

  1. Beyond Just Boosting Your Morale, Cosmetic Dentistry Can Benefit in Other Ways:

    Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that a stunning grin contributes to a positive first impression. The benefits of taking care of your teeth extend far beyond boosting your self-confidence.

  2. It Can Enhance Your Oral Health:

    Oral health includes having clean teeth, healthy gums, and a properly aligned jaw. Procedures like restricted orthodontics and porcelain bridges can correct minor bite or tooth misalignments, preventing jaw pain and uneven tooth wear. These factors contribute to the popularity of a cosmetic dentist.

  3. Blending Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry is Common:

    You can improve and repair your smile with dental bonding, crowning, and bridge work. Many cosmetic dentistry operations can strengthen your teeth and restore your smile's radiance. An accomplished cosmetic and restorative dentist in Los Gatos can help you get the most realistic-looking smile by repairing your damaged teeth. Cosmetic dentists have several dental options with years of experience.

  4. Your Grin Will Change Significantly After Getting Veneers:

    Veneers are thin, bespoke shells that fit over the front of your teeth to alter their color and shape. They can provide a straighter smile quicker than months or years of wearing braces because they are sturdy and natural-looking. Your veneers will need to be created in a medical facility, so getting them fixed will require several trips to a dentist's office. But the procedure can typically be finished in a few weeks or months.

  5. You Can Quickly and Affordably Whiten Your Teeth:

    Your teeth can become up to ten shades whiter in just one hour using whitening techniques! The expensive and time-consuming, in-office whitening procedures are now only a few hundred dollars, which is a worthy investment for years of confidence in your smile.


If you're searching for the best cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos, visit and consult Dr. Kamyar Negari. Under the supervision of Dr. Negari, there is a team of dentists who can help you achieve your dental aesthetic goals. Our dentist gives great attention to every one of your concerns when creating a treatment plan. To know more, visit our website to learn more about our services or call us at 408-377-8302 and schedule your appointment today.

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